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Joining The Oriana Chorale

Membership of The Oriana Chorale is by audition. 


The Oriana Chorale is seeking experienced choral singers to sing in our next concert, Oriana's 40th Christmas, on Sunday 10 December, 5.00 pm, Wesley Uniting Church,Forrest ACT, and to join the choir on an ongoing basis after that. Individual auditions are normally held by arrangement prior to a rehearsal at University House. If you are interested in exploring membership of the choir, please email us via our Contact page, or call Nick Horn, Secretary, on 0406 375 114 to discuss your interest further. 


Prospective members are auditioned by the Music Director and at least one member of the committee. These auditions are designed to assess a prospective chorister's musical ability and musicianship, vocal quality, and potential to blend with the rest of the choir. Generally speaking, auditions will include:

  • sight singing
  • vocal exercises to explore range and vocal quality, and
  • a musicianship test.


As with all non-profit organisations, members are asked to contribute to the upkeep of the choir. Individual circumstances are taken into consideration but, as a general rule, members contribute $300 per annum. However if you join later in the year, this fee may be waived or reduced proportionally.