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Donate to The Oriana Chorale

Donations to the Oriana Chorale Cultural Fund help the Chorale to continue to bring you interesting, innovative programs of the finest choral music.

In December 2009, a generous sponsor supported our Venetian Christmas concerts, enabling us to put on a special concert of Monteverdi, Gabrielli, Schütz and Vivaldi.

In December 2008, a generous sponsor supported our initiative to commission some new Australian songs appropriate for Australian Christmas. Using some classic poetry by James McAuley, Pat Edwards and new verse by Michael Leunig, composers Matthew Orlovich and Calvin Bowman put their considerable talents to new and enjoyable music. Oriana Chorale launched the resultant new 'carols' at the National Museum of Australia on 21 December 2008 to considerable acclaim.

In 2015, we presented another new work by resident composer Calvin Bowman commissioned by a beloved Life Member of The Oriana Chorale.

Let's keep the innovation and contribution to the Australian collection moving. Oriana Chorale offers you an excellent opportunity to become part of this satisfying enterprise by sponsoring a new work, or supporting a performance of Oriana's contributions to the Centenary Year.

We would welcome corporate sponsorship of our outstanding musical director as he coaches, encourages, inspires and leads in performance. It's a vital role and worthy of support. 

You will be acknowledged appropriately if you wish, or can make anonymous donations to our important cultural enrichment objectives.

Donations may be made to the Oriana Chorale Cultural Fund.  Donations will help the chorale to continue to present interesting and innovative programs of the finest choral music.

Donations are tax-deductible and may be made to the following account:

BSB 112-908   Account No. 1355 06480.

OR: send your donation to:

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